Wheelchair Ramp Plans

Being handicapped accessible is becoming a standard for any business these days. Circumstance sometimes happen beyond our control and we could find ourselves or our loved ones wheelchair bound for a short time or for the rest of our lives.

It is at this time that we would have to think about adjusting our home to become wheelchair accessible. It may never happen but why tempt fate. There would be nothing wrong in keeping wheelchair ramp plans around the house for safe keeping just in case that twist of fate would visit on our doorstep.

Simple Carport Construction

Building your own carport isn’t that difficult, though it will take you a few days to get the whole thing set up. Follow your local forecast and try to choose your construction period in a week where the weather predictions are sunny or at least with minimal potential for rain, as this might set you back by a few days.

The carport described here is a six meter by three meter project. Before starting work on the carport, make sure you’re abiding by local building codes, and check if you need a permit before erecting a permanent structure on your property.

Mark the Area

OSB Interior Walls

If you are thinking of extending or renovating your property then you are probably thinking about knocking out and installing interior walls. With the vast array of materials that are on the market today, you will truly be spoilt for choice. However, one material stands out in today’s marketplace as representing high quality as well as versatility and ease of use – OSB. OSB interior walls give every homeowner a definite advantage when renovating and give peace of mind in the long term.

Strengthen Your Home

Modular Steel Framing

If you are familiar with construction then you will probably know that modular steel framing has been used in industry for many years, and with great effect. It is used as a stabilizing force and provides a strong structure for high-rise buildings but has become more popular as architects try to find a solution to the pressing problem of seismic activity throughout the world. Earthquakes are renowned for bringing buildings to their knees but modular steel framing can act as a reinforcement to try an optimise survival.

Modern Residential Trend

Build Your Own Storm Shelter

As the environment goes into overdrive, we find ourselves in the midst of various natural disasters whilst in our own homes. The instances of hurricanes and other severe winds rise in number every year. And the damage that they seem to also grows in proportion. As a result, individuals are choosing to protect their families by investing in build your own storm shelters. They can feasibly provide a degree of protection that other structures and residential aids cannot.

Protection For All The Family

Storm shelters can be bought from a whole host of manufacturers as pre-packed structures that require little work. However, it is often the storm shelter that you build yourself from raw materials that prove to be the most valuable in the time of a crisis.