Metal Frame Homes have Prefabricated Advantages

metal frame construction, TokyoThey may have a skeleton that looks very different to that of a traditional house frame but they have virtues all their own.

Prefabricated metal frame homes are an engineering innovation, scoffed at by some, the only choice for others. Once built, the finished home looks no different to any other so some home buyers are really none the wiser.

Armed with the appropriate information, consumers are able to make an informed decision about the kind of structure they choose to build. Chances are, they may select one of these superb examples of modern engineering over the wood frame, hammer-and-nail variety we’re more accustomed to.

About Concrete Pier Foundations

The decision of which type of foundation to utilize should be made according to the capacity of the soil at the building site to bear the weight of the structure that will be built upon it. Adequately sized footings, as well as a strong foundation, prevent too much settling of the ground and these two factors are critical to the stability performance of structures built upon them.

Two Basic Types of Foundations

Foundations usually are divided into two fundamental groups: shallow or deep. The classification of the foundation system depends largely on how deep the load transfer member reaches beneath the super structure and what kind of load transfer is being used.

Common Types of Caulk

types of caulk drippingThere are many small tasks about the home that people can do themselves, rather than hire contractors to come in and do the job. Caulking is one of those tasks, and the cost and ease of blocking a small gap is easy to do. But before you run out to purchase a caulking gun and a tube of product, you need to know what types of caulk to buy for the job. There are many different types available, each with its particular purpose.

Best Types to Use for Basic Jobs

Foundation Footings

Footings act as the base of a house's foundation and transmit the superimposed load to the soil. The type and size of footings should be suitable to the soil condition, and in cold climates the footings should be far enough below the ground level to be protected from frost action, this depth being established by local building codes.

Poured concrete footings are more dependable than those of other materials and are recommended for use in house foundations. Where fill has been used, the foundations should extend below the fill to undisturbed earth.

One Story Country Houses

one story country house fireplaceWhen building a country home, simplicity is the key. Country homes historically have only one story and have a simple floor plan with a cozy feel. One story country houses should have an easy feel that connote a simpler way of life. When building one story country houses, there are several things to consider: the materials that might be used, the floorplans available and how to decorate it to reflect this easy life style.

Building Materials