The Helical Piers System

One of the most integral parts of a home is its foundation. If a foundation suffers from water damage, unstable soil, or simply was not strong enough, the shifting of the foundation can cause severe structural damage to the home. And, damage of this type can severely reduce the value of the home. In many cases of foundation problems, the helical piers system can repair a foundation and save the home from any further damage. The helical piers system can be used even if a home already has many of the symptoms of foundation failure.

Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Basic Surveying

basic surveying toolsThe practices of surveying can be extremely useful to anyone doing home improvement projects. They allow for precise measurements to be made, and for your projects to go closer to the plan that you made before. Basic surveying can be picked up on pretty quickly, and may prove to be a fun hobby for you.

It can also lead to a career in the area, if you find that you have natural talent for it. So read on, and learn the basic steps of surveying. They are the same things that surveying classes learn about in the first weeks of school, and are principles that will stick with a surveyor for the rest of his or her life.

Wall Framing Basics

The first and most important thing when learning wall framing basics lies in realizing the significance of making them (the walls) square. By square, this means that any corners created should make a perfect ninety-degree angle. Otherwise, you will find that putting on a roof or adding another story to the house are just two of the problems you will encounter if you do not square all corners at the very beginning with framing the walls. Un-squared walls can haunt you forever with things like having problems getting molding to fit, getting flooring to fit, even hanging pictures on the walls can become a problem when walls do not come out square.

Work on the Ground

Prefabricated Wood Stairs

Have you been wowed by gorgeous wood staircases in new or remodeled houses you have seen? You can get that great look in your own home through using prefabricated wood stairs. Workers create these works of art in the factory and ship them to you ready to be installed. In many cases prefabricated wood stairs can be put in your home in a matter of hours. Having your contractor build them, or building them yourself, can take days.

Concrete Pier Foundations

One advantage of pier foundations is that they are less costly to construct than continuous wall foundations, simply due to the fact they use less material. Standard pier foundations can be built from concrete, brick, hollow concrete block, and stone rubble. Having said that, a rule of thumb building designers follow is that whenever your pier height is more than ten times their width, they should be constructed of reinforced concrete.

How They Work