Installing a Limestone Hearth

Installing a limestone hearth is a great way to enhance the richness and depth of any room that has a fireplace. The rugged, yet refined look of natural stone creates an ambiance of comfort that is not found in many other mediums.

The functionality of the stone provides the mason with an opportunity to create custom designs that display a truly unique work of art. Many designers view natural stone as a way to incorporate artwork into the functional structure of a home.

There are several different ways to utilize the stone when installing a limestone hearth. One option is to stack the stone and use it to build the structural framework of the fireplace itself. A skilled mason can utilize this method of installation and maximize the natural beauty of each piece.

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is one of the greatest developments in modern building materials. This product has risen in popularity for several key reasons. The ability to monitor quality and weight makes this product a very practical choice for those who wish to create a façade that looks like structural stone. Whether used to decorate and entire wall or to fabricate a stone looking fireplace system, cultured stone is changing the way that people think about using stone in decorating.

Manufactured Cultured Stone

Manufactured cultured stone is the premier alternative to using actual stone in the building trades. It provides the most natural look possible, but without the great expense of skilled stonemasons to install.

Without the weight of natural stone, cultured stone is made of a composite material that is built to withstand the elements. It doesn’t matter if it’s used inside or out, this product is durable and carries extensive warranties.


There are several places in and on your home where manufactured cultured stone is commonly used. One of these places is on the exterior. Cultured stone is often used as a veneer, providing a decorative layer that is applied over the wooden or steel framework of the house.

How to Cut Granite Tile

Knowing how to cut granite tile can be the difference between a professional looking installation and one that looks like it was completed by amateurs. You can do it if you get the proper equipment and take the time to learn how to use it efficiently. Obviously, the majority of the tiles that you install on a granite floor won’t need to be cut at all. You’ll simply have to set them into the mortar.

Around the edge of the room though, you may find that you need to do some trimming in order to get pieces to fit properly. You may also have to make some intricate cuts in order to install the tile around things like columns or staircases that extend into your room.

Wet Blade Saws

Cultured Stone Mantels

Cultured stone mantels are a great way to add richness and depth to any room that has a fireplace. The elegant look of carved stone provides an air of sophistication that is not found in any other medium. The ability to create custom designs and patterns allow a homeowner the privilege of displaying a truly unique work of art as part of the structural décor of their home.

There are several types of cultured stone mantels. The first is a production cast type mantel. While still elegant and beautiful, these are a production pieces and are not unique. They are sold through catalogues and you may find that someone else has a mantel that is identical to yours.

Custom Mantels