Stacked Stone Veneers

So many people love the look of natural stone on the outside of the house. The look conjures up visions of old world cottages and stately manor homes. But, natural stacked stone is an extremely expensive building material due to the skill, tools, and labor time involved. Stacked stone veneers re-create the look of stacked stone without the expensive price tag.

Stacked stone veneers are available in panels that are relatively easy to install. These panels actually do contain natural stone, but don't have the weight and size of natural stacked stone. Using the individual pieces of stone to build a wall from natural stacked stone means a high cost for both materials and labor.

Travertine Tile Care

Tile is one of the most durable, and beautiful, floor coverings available on the market. Tile has become increasingly popular for kitchens and bathrooms, and many homeowners choose it for their hallways and other rooms as well. Travertine is a stone tile that comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to mesh with any indoor design. Travertine tile care is important, however, as travertine tiles can be damaged and worn without special care.

Sealing Your Travertine

Tile Fireplace Options

Once you decide on a tile fireplace surround, a world of exciting options opens up to you. From the very basic, one-color, mass produced tiles to those created and hand made by experienced and passionate artisans, the world is your oyster. Anyone can go for wood surrounds, wrought iron décor or marble but tiles lend themselves to a range of ideas that can be very hard to choose from.

Fireplace tiles are specially made to withstand the extreme ranges of heat to which they will be subjected and so any hand painting or other decoration will stand the test of time. They also need to be somewhat easy to keep clean because the natural buildup of soot from the fireplace is to be expected.

Feature Tiles

How to Repair Plaster Problems

Plaster needs repairs from time to time. With the normal contractions and expansions of the house, hairline cracks can often form in the plaster work. Sometimes you get damage by bumping furniture into walls, scratching up against it by accident or by not catching that eagerly thrown football that should never have been played with inside the house. Hey, it happens, but someone’s gotta fix it.

Italian Granite Tile

When you are ready to renovate the interior of your home, or if you are building a new home from the ground up, then Italian granite tile should be on the list of options that you consider for the base of your homes décor. Varying colors with the natural variations found in split granite slabs guarantee that, whether you use the tile on a floor, a countertop, or even on a wall, your home will be unique. Unlike factory produced wallpaper or even laminated flooring products, no two pieces of Italian granite are the same.

Granite Benefits