Granite Sealer Tips

The ultimate item in helping you to protect your granite surfaces is going to be something called granite sealer. It is necessary to use granite sealer because granite that goes unsealed can absorb grease, water, or other substances. If this happens then the granite will become stained and potentially ruined. However, a granite sealer will ensure that the pores in the granite are closed off. This means no stains will have a chance to make their way into the granite.

Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete floor repair is a simple project which many homeowners can easily do by themselves in just a few hours. Although concrete floor repair is such as simple project it is one that is very important. Failure to repair concrete floors in early stages when the cracks are relatively small can lead to problems which grow progressively worse. This article will discuss the products and tools needed to repair minor cracks in a concrete floor and will provide step by step instructions for repairing the cracks.

Tools of the Trade

Stucco vs. Brick Homes

Deciding between stucco vs. brick homes can be a daunting decision that just may lie simply in the preference of the decider, depending upon, for one thing, which part of the country one resides.

The argument between which is more expensive rages on. It may depend, however, on nothing more than how close the buyer is to homes built with brick that has had to be trucked in from some faraway manufacturing plant or from one that does business nearby.

Learn to Apply Stucco

Italian stuccos are among some of the most popular indoor and outdoor wall treatments today. Sometimes referred to as Venetian, Tuscan, or Italian plasters, they include finishes such as stucco opaco, marmorino, mantovano, and veneziano, just to name a few.

Repairing Plaster Walls

Cracks in plaster may be a signal that it's time to look into repairing plaster walls. Professional plasterers can be prohibitively expensive, but it is really up to you and the degree to which the plaster is damaged that determines whether or not this job can be done yourself or if you should turn it over to a professional.

Materials/Tools Required:

  • Dry joint compound mix plaster
  • Fiberglass mesh tape
  • Drywall knife

Many homeowners conclude that small cracks - even if there are more than a few - are a doable job they can perform themselves, especially if they've gone to the trouble of contacting one or two professional plasterers for eyebrow-raising estimates.