Different Types of Limestone

Purists who want to use real stone in their construction instead of the new manufactured stones often turn to limestone to meet their needs. Limestone is durable and widely found. It comes in a variety of natural colors that can accent the beauty of a home.

Limestone costs more than fabricated stone, but should last hundreds of years, and you can know that you are using the real thing. As for durability, many of the ancient castles of Europe are built of limestone. In fact, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is a limestone structure.

Cultured Stone Exterior

Ever wonder how builders these days can pick out such perfect stones for the front of new homes? They look like they were chosen according to a color scheme picked out by a designer! How is that possible?

The answer is that they have a cultured or manufactured stone exterior. "Cultured Stone" is one brand name of these cement "rocks," but there are other brands. Some people even create their own with molds!

Improvement Over Natural Stone

Add a Brick Side Walk

For a pleasant stroll through your garden, or up to the front door, nothing beats a brick side walk. If you create a sidewalk of brick pavers yourself, you can save a thousand dollars or more over having a pro install it.

Sidewalk made of brickBrick side walks are very durable, and last years longer than concrete walks do. In fact, there are brick streets in the eastern U.S. which are 200 years old, and still in use! This means that brick walks are a great investment, and will increase the value of your home.

Basement Wall Footing Thickness

When you are building a home, your basement is the first priority when it comes to building things right. This is the whole support of the home and should be considered carefully depending on the type of ground you are building on as well as how large of a house that this basement will be supporting.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Home FacadeDecorative concrete is a way to spruce up the outside of your home. When you are landscaping, you know that you can get color through the flowers and other plants in your yard, but with decorative concrete you can bring in more new colors into your landscape designs. You will also find that you can establish a new look with stamped decorative concrete and concrete that has special embedding.

Other Options