Removing Venetian Plaster

If you’ve just moved in to a property or are re-decorating your home, you may well decide that you don’t want to retain any Venetian plastering. Removing Venetian plaster is a straightforward job that any DIY home enthusiast can do for themselves. Of course, having removed the old Venetian plaster you’ll then need to consider how to put a new finish on to the surface of the wall.

Smoothing Venetian Plaster to Remove

Installing a Vented Fireplace

Unless you’re installing an electric fire, any fire you install into a property will need to be vented. Whilst installing a vented fireplace into a property with an existing and functioning chimney can be relatively quickly achieved. Even if you have no chimney at all you can still install a vented fireplace for a gas fire by using a balanced or powered flue. It is also possible to install gas fires that don’t even require a flue.

Using a Brick Trowel

A Brick Trowel, also know as a Mason’s Trowel, is used to apply mortar in working with bricks. It is a traditional tool available in many shapes and sizes. In the most common form, it consists of a flat steel blade, which is triangular in shape. The blade, from 6 to 12 inches long, angles back at the heel where it meets the shank. The angled shank is attached to a wooden handle.

Concrete Foundation Cracks

Concrete foundation cracks can be an expensive problem to fix, especially if you need to hire someone to fix the problem. Many homeowners have tried to fix concrete foundation cracks on their own and have come up with a number of different tips to make the process easier and much more efficient. It is estimated that a homeowner can save as much as half of the cost of having concrete foundation cracks repaired by doing the work themselves.

Brick Sidewalk

One of the hottest trends in home improvement today is using brick instead of asphalt or concrete for sidewalks, patios, driveways. Many homeowners enjoy the look of a brick sidewalk or patio and feel that there is a greater depth of color and more character in items made out of brick. There are also many benefits to using brick to build sidewalks and patios for the home.