Garden Pest Barriers

Using barriers to prevent pests from reaching plants is one of the simplest, oldest, and most effective ways to prevent damage. Most of the methods for protecting plants with barriers are familiar to organic gardeners. However, there are recent technical improvements in materials that make barriers more effective than ever before.

Floating Row Covers

Floating row covers don't really float. They are lengths of synthetic fabric that are so light-weight they appear to float when draped over your plants. The covers look like the white interfacing used in clothing and are made of spun-bonded polypropylene or extruded plastic. They let in more than 80% of the sunlight that shines on them, and rain and irrigation water can pass through them.

Termite Identification

Termite identification is certainly not a pleasant job but then neither is the job of eradicating them. Seeking out faecal pellets is no one's idea of a good time but unfortunately, it is one of the indicators of the species you're dealing with.

Drywood termites

The Dry Wood Termite

It'll never be your best friend, that's for sure, but you need to get to know the dry wood termite because in war, it's always best to know your enemy well. Once the dry wood termite invades your home, it's prepared to claim the territory and doesn't care one iota if you have to move out as a result. Arm yourself with the right information and you can win the war against this utter pest.

Class system

Alternative Termite Treatments

Do you really want chemicals swirling around in the atmosphere of your home? Unfortunately, sometimes they are the only effective response to a termite infestation, but there are alternative termite treatments available that are far more environmentally friendly.

A Win/Win Situation

Scented Bird Deterrent Pellets

Scented bird deterrent pellets are a good alternative solution for keeping birds away from your plants or garden. Birds are often attracted to certain items in your yard either as a place to nest or to rummage for food. While birds are lovely creatures that are generally thought of as able to roam free, when they start disrupting or making a mess in your home, they cross the line into pest.

Homeowners do everything they can to rid their home of pests. Most people do not want to actually kill the birds, they merely want them to stop coming into their yard. So, a repellant is usually the most humane way to go about doing this. Scented bird deterrent pellets are one of the items that can be used to accomplish this.