Hedgerow Pests

The best course of action to take sometimes isn't clear until you've listed and considered your alternatives. Those hedgerows that you planted for privacy or as a windbreak also serve as home to many animal and insect species. While you may not mind the small animals that call your hedges home there are many pests that can inflict mayhem on your hedgerows and your garden as a whole if you do nothing to control the situation.

Bird Deterrent

You can spend hundreds of dollars on pretty bird feeders and the gourmet mix of wild birdseed, but there are sometimes areas of the yard where those same birds can be a nuisance. That's the time to figure out a good bird deterrent.

Gardeners know that even the prettiest birds can be a detriment to the garden. If you have a cherry tree just ripening or rows of corn to harvest for the family barbecue, you know how useful a good bird deterrent might be.

Bird deterrent options abound to rid the garden of nuisance birds