How to Join ABS Plastic Pipe

Plumbing made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic pipe is joined together with cement adhesive and fittings. Plastic pipe’s ease of joining is one of it’s advantages over copper and iron piping. It does not require soldering, so there is no danger of starting a fire when installing or repairing it as there is with copper, and unlike no-hub iron pipe, it can be worked on in areas with limited access. Joints are highly leak-resistant once cemented, the inner bore is very smooth, which helps solid waste pass and lessens frictional loss.

Plumbing System Pressure Regulators

Water supply to a house doesn’t always come at the perfect pressure; the municipal water main pressure may be too high or too low for a home’s needs. Different regulating devices are available to compensate for the various problems with water supply pressure. The following lists the basic types of devices and their uses.

How to Solder Copper Pipe

Copper pipe used in home plumbing systems is joined by soldering. Soldering, or “sweating”, as plumbers call it, creates a watertight seal at the fitting between two pipe lengths. The basic steps are- flux is applied to the outside of the copper pipe and the inside of the fitting; the fitting and pipe are then assembled and heated with a soldering torch and the solder is applied to the joint. It’s called sweating because tiny sweat-like droplets of hydrochloric acid are formed on the surface of the copper pipe when it is heated.

Steel Pipe Threading and Cutting Tools

Plumbing pipe made from galvanized or bare steel can be threaded to mate with other threaded pipe via fittings. Specialized tools are available for cutting and threading these materials, and should be used for these jobs. The exception is that steel pipe can be cut with a reciprocating saw or hacksaw, however, a tool called the Ferrous Pipe Cutter works best. Other tools for this job are a pipe vise, pipe reamer, ratchet threader, and a machine called a mule.

How to Cut Copper Pipe

Copper pipe can be cut relatively simply with the proper tools. Copper plumbing pipe is joined through soldering, so the ends need to be perfectly round to get the best join, plus a nicely trimmed end will slide into fittings easier. That is why it pays to get the right tools if you will be working much with copper piping lines.