Well Water Pumps

Water Well Pump ControlsWhether you use your well water for domestic purposes or just for livestock or irrigation, having a reliable well water pump will be pretty essential to you, rather than having to man-haul or manually pump the water to the surface every time you need some. You’ll find hundred’s of models to choose from in your local DIY store, be it on the High Street or an online DIY store.

As you’ll be wanting reliability and durability in the well water pump, as much as finding a bargain one, then you’re recommended to choose one from one of the leading manufacturers that produce efficient and dependable well water pumps.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

A simple description of how a reverse osmosis system works would be as follows. The process of osmosis is simply the passage of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane from one side of the membrane that has a low concentration of a solution to the other side with a higher concentration of the solution. Reverse osmosis does as the name implies; it reverses the direction of flow during osmosis.

So, in a water system it will force the solvent (water) to pass from the higher concentration of the solution to the lower solution concentration side of the membrane; which is relatively simply achieved by applying an external pressure to the solution on the higher concentration side of the membrane.

Snaking a Drain

Big Drain Drains are known for clogging whether it is inside the home or outside leading to the sewer system. Many people will call a plumber to snake a drain, but in many cases, you can do this yourself. There are two types of snakes that a plumber would use. They are the closet augers and the drain augers.

Most homeowners are familiar with the drain auger with the corkscrew on the end and a crank on the other end. The closet auger is a little different with an end that is rigid, which makes it easier to push down the toilet drain.

How to Use the Drain Auger

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PVC Pipe Fittings

Low cost and easy to work with PVC pipe fittings have made most plumbing jobs around the home quite simple and straight forward. PVC pipes have been in use now for over 60 years and once installed rarely need any maintenance or repairs. Having said that, should you decide to replace old PVC pipes or PVC pipe fittings - the old ones can be recycled.

Outdoor Fittings

Types of Septic Systems

septic tankA septic system not only includes things we see every day, such as the sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, drains and pipes within your home, but also the several outside and underground parts that some people never see and often forget and sometimes even neglect. That is an issue that brings us to the different types of septic systems. We will discuss mostly those parts that you don’t see every day and explain their differences and how they work. That way you will be better equipped to make a decision for your home regarding its septic system needs.