Pipe Inspection Camera

If you have ever lived in a home with particularly problematic plumbing, then you know how hard it can be to locate and repair tricky leaks and clogs in hard to reach pipes. As with about everything else these days, technology has a solution that helps you locate the exact cause of the clog or leak in a pipe without having to tear the whole plumbing system apart. There are pipe inspection cameras that you can feed into a pipe and see exactly what is going on by viewing the returned picture on a small, often hand-held monitor.

Cost of Equipment

Natural Drain Cleaners

There’s a growing interest in using natural drain cleaners rather than pouring what are often un-necessary chemicals down the drain, which can ultimately contaminate water supplies and kill wildlife. No one wants to have drains that give off bad odors or, even worse, that are blocked. However, keeping drains unblocked and smelling sweet can be achieved with a variety of products at are non-harmful to the environment.

Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaner Ideas

Fixing a Slow Draining Toilet

There are few issues in the bathroom that can be as problematic as a slow draining toilet. Everybody has experience it at some stage in the past and may not have known how to sort it out themselves.

Pex Pipe Systems

PEX is the common name given to a form of polyethylene tubing that can maintain its strength and is resistant to dissolving at temperatures up to 1500C. As such, Pex pipe systems are the first to be truly suitable for use in both domestic cold and hot water systems.

In recent years the use of Pex pipe has become popular because it can be fitted in one continuous length, it is highly flexible and with the price of metals, and copper in particular, soaring it is becoming a much cheaper material to buy.

Underground Gutter Drainage Problems

Beyond doubt the commonest problem with underground gutter drainage systems is them becoming blocked. The resultant back-flow of water to a drain gully can be quite alarming; with a lot of home owners rushing to get an ‘expert’ in to deal with the problem. The fact is that most DIY home enthusiasts can easily tackle and resolve the problem of a blocked underground drain quite easily.

Equipment for Unblocking Underground Gutter Drains