Faucets: Features and Fashions

If you happen to be redecorating a kitchen or bathroom, you'll have a wide variety of features and styles available when you shop for faucets. You can choose from ultra sleek modern designs or vintage reproductions, and everything in between.

You'll have a choice of finishes, too, for many products. For instance, the Kingsley line of bathroom fixtures from Moen can be purchased in 5 different finishes. You can choose from chrome, brushed nickel, antique nickel, wrought iron (black), or oil-rubbed bronze. These classic style faucets would look great in a refurbished older country home.

Vintage Look Faucets

Peerless Faucets: Beautiful and Versatile

Peerless faucets are both beautiful and versatile. They include bathroom, kitchen, bar, and value flow. Today there are many choices and options available for those who are looking for faucets.

Many people use their kitchen faucets for multiple tasks and Peerless Faucets are versatile enough to handle jobs performed by most homeowners. Whether you need a sprayer for cooking and cleaning, or just want to make sure that your faucet is as sturdy as it is beautiful, you will be pleased with Peerless Faucets outstanding quality as well as their lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Graff Faucets: Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye

Graff faucets are known for their elegant and modern appeal. The Graff faucets consist of both bath and kitchen collections.

You would be amazed at the styles that Graff Faucets have to offer the home consumer. Their luxurious bath collection includes: Atlantis, Elegante, Chanteaux, Tuscany, Infinity, Perfeque, Topaz, Bali, Stealth, Immersion, Lauren, Nantucket, Tranquility, Tango, Atria, Integrity, Fontaine, Structure, Eco, Manhattan, Elite, and Viva.