Foam Polyurethane Roofing Spray

Skyrocketing energy costs have brought new options onto the scene with regard to roofing materials. One product making news in the industry is foam polyurethane roofing spray, known as SPF (for sprayed polyurethane foam). This new method of roofing has been declared one of single, most effective ways of saving money in the long run because not only does it provide quality roofing, it also reduces the cost of energy by its superb ability of eliminating air leaks.

Resists Air & Water

Roofing Specialists

Over the years, wear and tear can take its toll on the exterior and structure of a home, and this includes your roof. The problem with serious roof damage is that is can render the house uninhabitable for a period of time, which can add to the expense of getting it sorted. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of hiring roofing specialists to carry out repair work for you, and the best way to protect your interests throughout.

Why Roofing Specialists?

Cool Metal Roofs

Are you in the market for a “cool" metal roof? And by cool, we don't mean hip or with it in the vernacular sense of the word. We're talking about roofs that are literally cool, temperature-wise. Well, there is such a thing, and it all comes from the reflectivity of metal materials used to make what is known as cool roofs.

What Makes Roofs Cool?

Do It Yourself Roof Trusses: Making King Posts

When considering do it yourself roof trusses, it is important to keep in mind the functionality of such construction: to provide more strength than standard stick-framed roofs. The way in which roof trusses are constructed, with their pyramid-shaped assemblage of smaller pieces of lumber fashioned to form a stronger structure available from lone beams or girders, also provides another benefit.

If and when an individual piece or even if several pieces of the roof truss begin to deteriorate, because of the nature of how the truss is built, it is possible to replace the piece or pieces without fearing collapse of the entire structure.

How to Install Roof Trusses

how to install roof trussesInstalling roof trusses can be a tricky business. One person with lots of experience, building know-how, strength, dexterity and a dose of good luck might could pull off the job, but otherwise, plan on having at least one other helper, preferably more.