Roof Truss Installation Methods

Once you’ve framed your walls, it’s time to install the roof trusses. This step can often turn out to be fairly complex, so it’s best to investigate the various roof truss installation methods and use the one that seems most comfortable from your vantage point. Here, we’ll describe one style of roof truss installation that should be fairly quick to complete.

Getting Started with Installation

Installing Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete roofing is fairly unusual, so you may be surprised to learn that is does exist. Very few people have actually heard of it in fact, but if you are considering overhauling your roof then you should definitely consider concrete tile roofing.

Fire Resistant Shake Roofs

California Brush FireIn light of the recent California fires, homeowners are becoming more concerned about the combustibility of roofs that are composed entirely of wood cedar shingles. These types of roofs are often times mandated to be installed and maintained by homeowners who live in certain neighborhoods in order to protect the architectural integrity of the houses in the area.

Wood Shingle Installation

Roof SHingle InstallationA wood shingle is a relatively thin, narrow and short length of tapered wood that, being cut from the heart of a log, is highly resistant to weathering. Traditionally the use of wood shingles dates back to the early days of colonization in America. Being so abundant, wood was used in all aspects of a buildings construction.

However, for the roof only the heartwood of the log would have been used as it is less likely to weather rapidly compared to the outer section of the log - the sapwood. Today people often use a wood shingle installation for either roofing or as a cladding material.

Nailing Roof Sheathing

One of the most important investments for your home is your roof. Without a roof, we literally would not have our homes. The roof protects us from the elements and closes off our homes for us. Roof sheathing is a very important key element to your roof and to your home’s protection.

The roof sheathing protects your home from water and other environment elements seeping into your home through the ceilings. Here are some tips to help you with nailing roof sheathing to your home.

Sheathing Material