How to Sharpen Planer Blades

A hand plane’s effectiveness depends on the sharpness of it’s blade. Also called a plane iron, when dull it can skip over the surface, making gouges and splits in your wood. When sharpened properly, a hand plane can make paper-thin cuts precisely and quickly.

If a plane’s cutting blade is nicked or it’s bevel is rounded instead of angled, it can produce an uneven surface. Grinding should be performed on the blade in this case, followed by whetting on an oilstone or waterstone. Follow the steps below to keep your plane’s blade sharp.

- Remove the plane iron from the plane by lifting the cam on the lever cap.

Try Squares

Try SquareThe try square is a tool consisting of a metal blade set at a 90 degree angle in a wooden handle. It is used to check for accuracy of the corners and joints, mark lines at right angles to edges and to check for perpendicularity of two parts. A try square has an accurate 90 degree angle on both it’s inside and outside edges.

Arc Welders

Arc Welder Power SupplyAn arc welder fuses metal to metal by means of heating the materials to their melting point. The heat source is an electrical discharge arc produced by an electrical current that is passed across an air gap between an electrode and the metal work pieces.

Tin Snips

Tin Snips
Tin snips, also known as tinner’s snips or shears, are scissor-like hand tools used for cutting sheet metal. They can also be used for cutting vinyl sheet, canvas, cardboard and heavy fabric. Made of drop forged carbon steel, they have long handles, short blades and extra wide jaws.

There are a few different kinds of tin snips. Basic snips are good for cutting lightweight sheet metal in straight lines, but if you want to cut curved lines, circles and arcs, then you need to use snips with curved blades.

Upholstery Staple Gun

If ever you have tried using an ordinary hand stapler with upholstery, then next time I strongly recommend you buy an upholstery staple gun to use instead. Even on a small job having to press home the staples with your hand can very quickly leave your hand bruised and painful for days, whereas using even one of the budget priced upholstery staple guns will save you a lot of effort, aches and pains. If you’re about set off on a DIY project to re-upholster some furniture having the right tools to do the job will help you to make a good job of it, as well as getting it done as efficiently as possible.

Tools for Re-upholstering Furniture

You will find all of the following useful at some point during the job

- mallet