Jig Saws

Jig Saw or Scroll SawThe bench jig saw, also known as a scroll saw, is a woodworking machine used for making tightly curved cuts in wood and other materials up to around 2 inches in thickness. It uses a specially designed blade called a jeweler’s blade, fitting to upper and lower chucks. The blade is powered by a motor to produce an up and down motion, like that of a reciprocating saw, rather than a continuous one way motion such as in a band saw.

Staple Guns

Staple guns are used for many different applications and to attach a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to insulation, roofing, coax cable, carpeting, house wrap, wires, panel board, crates, and all sorts of quick fix type applications.

If every time something breaks, the first thing you grab is the staple gun (or duct tape), you know you’re a redneck. Okay, seriously, staple guns not only can be used for many applications, they have different types and specific safety measures that need to be adhered to in order to keep all your fingers and toes.

Types of Staple Guns

Disk Sanders

A disk sander is a power tool used for sanding wood, metal or plastic. It consists of an electric motor driving a round abrasive disk, backed by a rubber pad, in a circular motion. The motion of the sanding disk creates cross grain scratches, which is why disk sanding should only be used for reducing surface thickness or removing old finishes. A simple form of this tool can be made by using a special chuck on a power drill which attaches the sanding disk and pad in place of a drill bit.

Snow Blowers

Using a Snow BlowerSingle-stage electric snow blowers are best for walkways, decks and short level driveways that have less than four inches of snow on them. They are the smallest, quietest and easiest to handle.

What is a Hacksaw?

Power Hack SawA hack saw is a saw used for cutting various types of metals. It consists of a thin serrated steel blade mounted on an adjustable bow frame fitted with a pistol grip handle or straight hardwood grip handle at one end. A pistol grip handle is preferable, since it is much less prone to twisting in the hand during use, thus giving a cleaner cut. Frames are available to accommodate 8, 10 and 12 inch long blades.