Band Saw Blades

A band saw blade consists of a toothed steel loop welded at the ends, moving on two encased wheels, which provide a continuous cutting edge. Home shop models have blades ranging from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch wide. Narrower blades are designed for cutting tight radius curves, while the wider blades are used for making more straight cuts. The teeth of the blades have a spacing of from 6 to 24 teeth per inch (called the pitch). Finer pitches are intended for cutting metals, and the larger pitches are good for cutting large sections of lumber.

Saw Tooth Shapes

Using Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are hand tools designed to trim wood and clear away the waste material from mortises and joints. They roots go all the way back to the late Stone Age, when crude rock and then flint was used for general purpose chiseling and cutting. Later, wooden handles were added.

Today’s chisel features a thin, beveled edge blade of alloy steel fixed to a smoothly curved handle made of hard plastic or boxwood. There are many kinds of wood chisels, including the firmer chisel, paring chisel, and mortise chisels.


Using a Miter Box

Anyone that has been faced with the need to create a good joint either into or around a corner, knows that just having one piece of material butting up against another does not produce a neat job. Instead you need to cut angles into the material, so that both pieces adopt the shape of the interior or exterior angle forming the corner; requiring you to cut 45 degree angles through the material.

Best Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

Bosch 4410LTop reviews on consumer review sites consistently go to both Makita and Bosch for their compound mitre saw models. For 10 inch blade models, the Bosch 4410L, which is priced around the 500$ point, comes out on top. A close second is the Makita LS1013L, which handles slightly less well.

In the 12 inch category, Hitachi's C12LSH is the best, although this large a blade is not really needed for most DIY projects, and it runs around $600. This has a really good laser guide, and a unique space-saving design. It is expensive but worth every cent. You could also try picking up a reconditioned model Hitachi for a cost savings of a couple hundred dollars.

Electric Miter Saw

So you are thinking of purchasing an electric miter saw. What will you be using it for? Just a few pieces of framing, or, borders for a room, or maybe a doorway or two? If this is the case you might want to think of a manual saw and a miter box if you won’t be using it a lot.