How to Sharpen a Hand Saw

Saw Blade SharpenedTo get the most efficient use of a saw, it needs to be kept in good shape. Sharpening a hand saw yourself can save you some money, but it is a skill that takes some time and practice. Sharpening can be a three or four step process depending on the condition of the saw blade. In the case of a damaged or misused saw, or if the saw teeth are out of size or missing a tooth, you should start with leveling the teeth.

About Saw Teeth

Plumb Bobs

brass Plumb BobA plumb bob is a tool used to ensure that a building structure like a door frame or a shelving support is as vertical as possible. It is also used to measure if an object is placed directly under a point above it, such as placing a shower drain relative to some point on the ceiling, or putting something right under a lighting fixture.

This isn't a tool used by plumbers, as some people might think, in fact it's name has nothing to do with plumbing at all. The term plumb comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum, because such tools were typically made of lead, and the adjective plumb developed by extension.

Carpenter's Levels

Spirit LevelJust about every carpentry project will require a level. Walls need to be built vertically plumb, countertops, stairway steps and shelves must be exactly level, and roofs need to be pitched at a consistent inclination. I'd recommend you have at least two carpenters levels in your workshop; a 2 foot level to use for checking joists, studs and similar longer construction elements, as well as a 8 inch long torpedo level. These are easy to carry in a tool belt and handy for checking detail woodworking. A mason's level, at four feeet long or more, is useful for framing and stonework.

Care of Levels

Plastering Tools 101

Plastering a wall can be made easier with the right kind of plastering tools. The wrong tool can cause irreversible damage to the wall or ceiling, and that damage could have been avoided. The following list of plastering tools should be considered the minimum requirements for anyone looking to plaster drywall or plaster walls.

What you need to get started

Makita Impact Drivers

 Makita Impact DriversMakita is one of the best out on the market today, voted best-in class engineering, they are known for their superior advances in technology. In this article we are going to review some of Makita’s different Impact Drivers.

First though let’s look at what an impact driver is and how it is a wonderful addition to any tool shed. The impact driver works by using rotational action (like a drill) and a hammering action.