Home Furnishing

Home furnishing is a very important aspect when it comes to interior decorating. It has been said that there are seven major influences when it comes to home decor and decorating and your choice of style for your home furnishing will play an integral role in each step.

The seven steps to consider are:

  • walls
  • floors
  • furniture
  • lighting
  • plants
  • accessories
  • fabric

To begin with, you need to choose your paint and floor coverings. Whether it is tile, hardwood flooring, or carpeting and throw rugs your home furnishing ideas should compliment your choice of paint and floor coverings.

For walls, your home furnishing selections will include items such as paintings, pictures, frames, decorative curtain rods, wall accessories such as scones, or other decorative hanging items. To keep the theme of your room in harmony, you should have some element that unites all of these objects together.

Lighting and Home Furnishing

home furnishingLighting is another very important step to consider when choosing your home furnishing and interior decor. Your choice of light fixtures as well as any accessories that you would like for lampshades should highlight your choice of wall accessories.

As well as lighting, you will also need to take a look at your furniture. You may choose to decorate with new pieces or jazz up the pieces you currently have. Consider the style of your furniture and work your home furnishing pieces upon those styles. Enhance the time period or style of your furniture with your home furnishing selections.

Home Furnishing: Plants, Accessories, and Fabric

Plants should always be included in the decor of every room. Whether they are live, artificial, large or small plants will bring life to your room and add a touch of green. Your plant accessories also include vases, pots, and plant hangers. You may even choose an arrangement of cut flowers for your decor. Whatever you choose, plants will accentuate everything from a coffee table, a mantle, and a hidden corner of a room.

This leaves two more steps to home furnishing choices and interior decorating. These are accessories and fabric. Fabric will include items such as curtains, valances, tablecloths, decorative pillows, afghans, wall hangings such as quilts, slipcovers, and upholstery fabric. By working with the seven areas of interior decorating and including your home furnishing choices you will create a stunning and beautiful room.

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