Maintaining Home Gutters

In some ways, home gutters are like the collar of a shirt. Kept straight and neat, they are not exactly the most noticeable part of house. Unkempt and curled, with pieces missing or bent out of shape, they attract all the wrong kind of attention.

Home gutters are not installed for simply the aesthetic value. They play a hugely important role in keeping the house safe and well drained and must be maintained with regular visual checks, occasional spring cleaning and vigilant repairs.

Water run-off Damage

Home gutters really do cause, if you will pardon the expression, a trickle-down effect that can result in problems for parts of the house that are nowhere near them. Sagging, damaged gutters that were not installed properly or that are missing parts due to impact or weather deterioration can allow other issues to arise. If water runs off the roof and is not diverted away from the home properly by an effective guttering system, the ground close to the house can become saturated.

This is bad news for the foundations and also for basement walls, allowing mold and mildew to flourish. Water damage can also occur under driveways and paths which can sink and rise according to the amount of dampness beneath them.

During winter, any existing leaks or cracks can be exacerbated as the ground freezes. Never underestimate the potential for your home gutters to cause expensive and difficult to repair damage simply because they were not in good condition.

Fire Hazards

It is essential to keep home gutters free of leaves, sticks, twigs, acorns and other matter than can decompose and dry to a crisp in hot weather. The potential as a fire hazard is immense and a house with gutters packed with tinder-dry vegetation is begging to be burned to the ground.

Rainwater Retention

If your home has a rainwater tank to save water for consumption or for use on the garden, blocked home gutters will be preventing a large percentage of that water from ever reaching the tank. Also, if there happen to be animals visiting your rooftop, you would be well advised to regularly check your gutters for dead birds and mice, and also animal droppings, and clean them out whenever possible.

There are literally dozens of products on the market that help to keep your home gutters free of clogging and rusting. Every year, new issues are addressed and items are produced in response to them and it is a good idea to keep an eye out for something that might help you maintain your home gutters with much less effort than you may be accustomed to now.

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