Home Heating Boilers

valiant brand home boiler for heatingComfort is the top of everyone’s home priority list at the moment. It is no wonder that this is the case when you consider how stressful daily life is for the majority of people. When you come home on a cold winter’s night, you want to be able to watch television or read in a warm and cosy environment regardless of where you are in the house.

The only way to ensure that you can actually do that is to install a central heating system. Central heating will provide every room in your house with warmth thanks to a home heating boiler. They system will revolve around this boiler so it is essential that you do your research and evaluate your options.

There are several different types of home heating boiler out there for you to choose from, but the main types are listed below with certain information that can help you to decide.

Gas Boiler

Having a gas home heating boiler provides you with a number of options. You can choose to have a condensing, combination or conventional boiler, depending on your wants and needs. Gas boilers tend to be very reliable and very rarely experience problems.

Most gas companies will also perform regular service checks on it for you to ensure that it is in full working order. However, some older boilers may emit harmful gases if they are beginning to wear out and the fluctuating worldwide gas price makes the pricing of this energy unstable. You may end up paying way more than you originally anticipated.

Electric Boiler

Electric home heating boilers are amongst the most efficient around and are generally slimmer in design. This makes them practical as well as effective. An electric home heating boiler can also be installed almost anywhere because every home connects to an electric supply in some way, shape or form.

There are also no fumes to worry about for your family. However, should there be a power outage then your central heating system will be rendered useless. If an outage occurs in deep winter than this would be highly inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Oil Boiler

Oil home heating boilers are extremely efficient. They do not rely on conventional power and so are not affected by power outages and that makes them extremely reliable. They will not let you down. However, oil is a non-renewable fuel and damages the environment. It can also be unstable if not handled and stored correctly so much depends on your ability to achieve this.

Solid Fuel Boiler

Using coal as a primary fuel, this home heating boiler has one major advantage over the others – it will not break down as a result of a power failure or gas leakage. Even if you power does go, your house will remain warm. However, coal is a non-renewable fuel so it is not environmentally friendly and coal can be quite expensive. There is also the risk that poor coal will effectively prevent your central heating system from working.

High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

This home heating boiler has a life expectancy of fifteen years, which is slightly longer than some of the other options available to you. It uses a larger heating exchanger and so recycles as much lost heat as it can. As a result, it may significantly reduce your heating bills and emits less CO2 into the atmosphere. It is the most environmentally friendly options and, although the initial outlay is generally greater, will save you money over time. They do run on either gas or electricity though.

photo by Andy Butkaj / CreativeCommons