Home Misting Fans Help Cool Down Homes

While traditional fans and air conditioning are both solutions to keeping cool in the hot summer months there is a far superior way of cooling down when things get a little too uncomfortable, this solution is a simple one, installing a home misting fan.

The misting fan is not a new product, big sports arenas have made use of them for many years and coaches value them on the sideline at football games and now you too can enjoy the benefits of a misting fan in your own home.

A misting fan is much the same as a regular fan; it incorporates a high velocity fan that is combined with misting technology which effectively reduces the temperature by around 35 degrees or even more. The majority of
misting fans allow you to have the fan only, misting only or to incorporate both fan and misting for the ultimate cooling experience.

How Home Misting Fans Work

There is no mystery behind the misting fan in fact they are relatively simple, a home misting fan will have a fan at the top and underneath or behind this a receptacle which holds water. The water is then forced by very high pressure through very tiny misting nozzles which then creates a very fine micro-mist.

Due it being so fine when it hits the surrounding air it almost instantly evaporates which means nothing gets wet but it drastically cools down the air. The mist evaporates due to the heat from the air and is called flash cooling, if you have ever been swimming outdoors and then got out of the pool on a breezy day you will have felt the effect that the misting fan gives on the skin.

How do I Choose a Misting Fan?

The range of misting fans is enormous from the very small portable fans to the larger mounted fans for specific areas. Choosing the misting fan depends on the area in which you need cooling and what you expect from the fan, if the performance of the fan is of great importance then you should look at fans which are over 1000 psi, this is essential if the area in which you are going to be using the fan is extremely large. Again the choice of fans is large and the easiest way to find the most suitable for your needs is to go to a reputable dealer with experience in selling home misting fans.

Another consideration you have to give to the fans is the size of the tubing, the tubing can vary and some misting fans incorporate better quality tubing than others, some tubing can be rigid while with others the tubing can be very flexible. The last thing you need to give some thought to is the actual nozzle; this is where the mist comes out so is extremely important.

The flow rates of the nozzle can be very varied and this affects the performance of the fan, if you only wish to cool down a very small patio then a low flow rate would be adequate whereas a larger area would need a high flow rate.

Are Misting Fans High Maintenance?

As with any type of electrical equipment the home misting fan has some maintenance issues, the most important component of the home misting fan is the pump which is used to draw the water and the force it high pressure through the fan.

Providing some care is given to the fan then it can give you man years trouble free cooling, checking the oil and changing it every year can go a long way to keeping your fan trouble free. Along with this checking and cleaning the nozzle is essential along with draining the water from the system in the winter to ensure that the fan does not freeze.

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