Home Spa Cleaning Tips

If you own a home spa, you should know that your investment can last longer if you clean it periodically. However, there are many things you need to bear in mind when cleaning your spa.
Here is a checklist to help make sure that your spa is properly cleaned.

Filtration system:

Clean filters are one of the most important parts of your spa maintenance routine. Clean the filters each time you change the water in your spa, or every two weeks. Use the filter-rotation method to clean them, and the filters should last for at least 6 months. Keeping a spare clean filter cartridge on hand will allow you to rotate out until the next water change.

Take care when cleaning the filters to avoid using laundry detergents, soap-based cleaners, household cleaners, bleach, or muratic acid. Rather, do use a garden hose with high water pressure at a 45 degree angle to spray away the dirt.

To remove stubborn algae and oily residues from tanning lotions, soak the filter in a high quality spa filter cleaning product before rinsing with the hose. Never use a scrub brush or other tool as this may damage the filter.


If you are cleaning your spa after a period of use, it is recommended to drain and flush the entire spa. We make a habit of draining our spa once a month. For this, you need a submersible pump.

But first, rinse with the whirlpool jets on high speed to get rid of bath and body oils that have built up in the plumbing lines. Following that, use the submersible pump to remove the water. During the draining is a good time to remove your filter and clean it according to the normal cartridge
cleaning methods.


For cleaning acrylic spas, use non-soap based marine or boat spray cleaners. You can buy them from most big supermarkets or Home Depot type stores. Avoid harsh products like car cleaners, glass cleaners, in fact any soap or ammonia based degreasers. These products are detrimental to the water chemistry.

For soft-built spa shells, avoid hard scrubbers or abrasive brushes, since you may easily scratch the shell. Instead, use soft rag or nylon scrubber with common baking soda or mild soap solution.

While the spa is drained is a good chance to check your spa thoroughly for any leaks, faults or cracks. If you come across any broken pieces of equipment, have them replaced.

Just Add Water?

Do not neglect sanitizing your spa. Some typical sanitizers include oxidizers,
sodium dichlor chlorine, granular bromine and biguanide. This keeps the water clean of algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities.

After cleaning and re-filling the spa, test the water pH and alkalinity. If it is too high, adjust the pH and add Bromine or Chlorine per the spa manufacturers instructions. Warning: acids used for adjusting the pH should never be mixed with Chlorine, as the result is chlorine gas, a toxic substance.

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