Home Wind Power

Generating your own electricity with a home wind power unit is an ideal way to start becoming less reliant on carbon based energy and to get going with ‘green’ energy. Home wind power units can be installed in just about any location and even in the most gentle of breezes modern units will produce electricity for you to use.

Windpower Cost Effectiveness

There are, of course, several options that are becoming increasingly popular with people looking to become more eco-friendly by at least producing some of their own energy. However, home wind power systems are the option that will most quickly let you see a return on your investment in terms of savings on your energy bills and your initial capital outlay for the equipment. Even better, if you produce any surplus electricity, you can sell it to the electricity companies!

Although you might need to check on your local building regulations and permission to install home wind power, quite simply the more and bigger the wind power units you can erect on your land - the more electricity you’ll be able to produce. If you live in a remote location you probably won’t need to worry too much about what the neighbors might think regarding your going ‘green’ venture.

However, if you’re in an urban location then explaining what you’re planning to do with your neighbors may well avert any risk of problems after installing the units. Finally, whilst as a DIY/home enthusiast you might choose to build/install the system yourself; connecting it to your domestic electrics system and service supply must be done by a qualified electrician.


Typically, domestic home wind power systems capable of producing between 1kW and 7.5kW will both fit into a reasonably sized garden and yet will not be too obtrusive. A 1kW system can power some of your homes lights, a laptop computer and a small electric heater. So, for as little as $3000 or less, you can have a wind power system helping you to reduce your energy bills whilst also reducing the amount of Carbon emissions you’re responsible for.

If you can afford it, a 7.5kW home wind power system will cost around $20,000 - but by generating 7.5kW of electricity it could well put you on the road to being ‘energy independent’; and will certainly enable you to sell electricity back to the power companies on days that are really windy. Also, don’t forget you’ll be eligible for tax credits.

Who can Have Home Wind Power?

In terms of the weather, pretty well all locations in Canada are suitable for installing home wind power systems. However, that’s not true for everywhere in North America. You do need to be guaranteed of at least some windy days for most of the year, even if some days are just a gentle breeze.

For days when there’s not much wind about, your home wind system will include storage batteries that can usually hold enough charge to keep your essential electrical functions going for a couple of days. Also, if you’ve only got a small wind power unit you’ll have to retain your connection to the main power system anyway or, if you have a bigger wind power unit, then having an emergency standby generator makes sense. No need to feel guilty about breaking any ‘green principles’ when using a standby generator, as you’re only using it in emergencies and are more than compensating for burning a little fuel when Mother Nature lets you down.