Clean Up With a Homelite Chain Saw

For yard cleaning and cutting firewood, a Homelite chain saw will meet your needs. These saws are reported to outlast the warranty by many years. You can get a Homelite chain saw in one of five sizes.

All models are equipped with a patented safety device to control kickback called the "Safe-T-Tip." They are also designed so that the chain stops moving when the handle is released, which is a valuable safety feature. Another characteristic of the Homelite chain saw is a handle that is designed not to vibrate. These anti-vibration handles allow for smoother, more comfortable operation and better control. Starting is reported to be easy, as well.

Chainsaw Sizes

The smallest Homelite chain saw is the Bandit, which features a 14-inch guide bar and a 33cc engine. It is useful for light yard clean-up and rough carpentry.

The Ranger also has a 33cc engine, but the guide bar is 16 inches long.

The Timberman has a 45cc engine, and comes in an 18-inch model and a 20-inch model. It also has a "twist tight" feature which allows for adjusting of the chain to be done easily with just a screwdriver.

All Homelite saws come with a deluxe carrying case. The more powerful engine size is nice for heavy use, as in cutting firewood on a regular basis. The smaller engine size if preferable for trimming tree limbs and other smaller jobs. The Homelite chain saw is priced below $200 for even the Timberman models.


In any chain saw usage, be sure to practice good safety measures. Keep your left arm straight when cutting, and grip the handle firmly with all fingers. (Reverse hold if you are left-handed.)

Always be sure to keep your body clear from the line you are cutting. Protective eyewear is a necessity, and all clothing should fit closely so that it can't get tangled in the saw.

Don't wear loose jewelry, scarves, or neckties, either. Choose a blade length longer than the diameter of the tree if you are using the Homelite chain saw to fell trees.

The Homelite chain saw should be up to speed before it makes contact with the wood, and the speed should be kept steady while cutting. For other safety tips, be sure to read the manual that comes with the Homelite chain saw.

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