Homemade Garden Fountains

Have you ever looked out of your window over your back yard and wished that your garden was a little more interesting? If you have then you may think that a water feature would add a little extra to your garden. The problem is that so many water features cost a fortune and cannot slip into a normal household’s budget easily. Well, homemade garden fountains can fill that void for you. They are easy to create, easy to afford and can easily enhance the visual appeal of your garden.

Choosing Your Fountain

If you want to try out homemade garden fountains then you will find that they cost a fraction of the price that a regular mass produced water feature would. As such, you can save a lot of money and get a unique and innovative feature for your troubles. You do not have to be creative but just have an idea of what you want in your back yard in order to create your own homemade garden fountains.

You can make your homemade garden fountains out of anything you manage to salvage. Although stone and other similar materials are the best for making your own fountains, you can use almost anything. Pipes, metals that are rust-proofed and various other similar materials are all good for creating excellent homemade garden fountains. Some flexible pond liner will help keep the water from escaping to where it is not wanted.

All you really absolutely need is a source of water and a pump to ensure that you have the desired effect. The rest is up to you but the tips below will be useful in helping you to decide what to do.

Homemade Fountain Tips

Choosing from your ideas for homemade garden fountains can be a difficult proposition so the following tips are designed to help you to get in touch with your creative side and create the best fountain for your garden:

• Plan out exactly what you are going to do because failing to do so could result in a whole day spent in the garden, ruining your lawns and plants for nothing! Making homemade garden fountains is about being creative but you also have to be practical at the same time.

• Start off small. Never create a monstrous fountain for a start off because you may well waste your materials because it does not work. If you start small then your homemade garden fountains will ultimately work much better.

• Always make sure that you balance your homemade garden fountains a safe distance from a power source but close enough that the water pump you use can draw on it. When you do create your fountain then you will be able to plan it around the power source in order to achieve the desired effect.

• When you use your water pump for homemade garden fountains, make sure that it is protected from various elements that could clog it up. Covering it in mesh or pantyhose could prevent it become clogged quickly and easily. This will prolong the life of your water feature.

• If sealing your homemade garden fountains to ensure that no leakage occurs into the garden, always use silicone caulk. This will last and last so your water feature remains an entity on its own instead of flooding the garden at every opportunity

• Finally, make sure that the reservoir pots in your homemade garden fountains are filled so that your water feature does not start out completely dry. This will help it to flow a little better right from the start.

With the homemade garden fountains tips above, you will be ready to create your masterpiece and save a lot of money in no time!