Flower Power

Fresh flowers in your house will give it a healthy, clean, and bright look, without spending a fortune.

If you have the money, you can add a professional arrangement full of exotic flowers to a room in your home.

However, if you'd rather splurge on other things, then you can always go for a cheaper flower. The important thing is that they're fresh, healthy, and in warm colors.

Affordable fresh cut flowers include:


Consider having the colors not only match the room, but the season.

For example, springtime is a great opportunity to use pinks and purples, summer is fantastic for reds and bright yellows, and fall is great for oranges and pale yellows. In the wintertime, anything bright and happy is a good idea.

If you have flowers in your yard that can be cut, it's pleasant to have some in the house. This not only ties the inside and the outside, but it gives your home an authentic happy and fresh feeling.

Just be certain that you don't cut so many that the outside gardens have bare patches!