A backsplash to make a splash

Using inexpensive glass mosaics, porcelain tile, natural slate, or a faux paint finish, you can create a custom, unique backsplash that will add beauty and attractiveness to your kitchen.

Kitchen Tips: Light up their lives

Add lighting to your kitchen, and increase appeal, the appearance of size, and overall brightness. Moreover, lights can be added just about anywhere in a kitchen. This includes-

    Under cabinets
    Above cabinets
    From the ceiling
    From the walls
    Anywhere else that will add to the visibility and overall look in your kitchen.

A spotlight or pendant light is an attractive addition over a kitchen island.

Kitchen Tips: Dressy window dressings

Depending on the look of your kitchen, there are many different window treatments that can add to the appeal of your kitchen.

Wood blinds, roman shades, or Venetian blinds are all great shades to add style, and keep out the glare of the sun when it moves to that side of your house.

If you have a more "country" or "crafty" kitchen, then lace, or kitchen curtains can be very warm and pleasant additions to add appeal.