Kitchen Surfaces

Whether you are looking at the kitchen counters, shelving, or table, there should not be any clutter in your kitchen whatsoever. If there is anything that is not an absolute necessity, get it out of the room altogether.

Think of it as a weight loss for your kitchen. Get rid of floor obstructions, clean out the cabinets, and clear off the countertop and table.

This will open up your kitchen as far as it will go to give it a much cleaner, roomier appearance. Moreover, clutter will take away from the appearance of cleanliness you have worked so hard to achieve.

It can even add years to the appearance of your kitchen, taking away from your efforts to keep it up to date.

The bottom line is: open up your kitchen by removing everything but what you really need.

People want big kitchens. They want room for their own clutter, as well as room to maneuver around. If you cannot show them that, then they will not be impressed with that room at all.

This disappointment will be enough to turn them off the entire house.

Kitchen Tips: Paint

The entire kitchen can easily look rejuvenated with a simple fresh coat of paint. Paint can be added to the walls, ceilings, and cabinetry, taking years off the appearance, and making them look much cleaner.

Aim for neutrals to make the space look big and hygienic.

Kitchen Tips: Center Island

If you want to give the kitchen a custom look and you have enough room to do so, connect two or three stock base cabinets and overlay them with a new countertop to create an island. Leave room for the addition of bar stools on one side.

Kitchen Tips: Molding with flair

If your cabinets are a bit on the plain side, use molding to give them some spice. Regular panel or picture molding can redefine flat doors and drawers.

Similarly, elaborate crown molding, placed where your cabinets meet the ceiling, can create an elegant classic appearance, and is sure to draw positive attention.