In the Kitchen

In each of your rooms, you should have three primary goals:

1. Depersonalize the room by taking away family pictures, removing everything from your refrigerator and other similar surfaces, and taking posters and trophies out of kids' rooms.

2. Clear away high-traffic areas of excess furnishings and other belongings, to give the highest impression of space and comfort.

3. Highlight the primary features of every room, making sure that they have not been hidden or obscured by furnishings, plants, or other belongings. Such primary features include:

Beyond these, keep the following tips in mind when you prepare your house to be sold.

The Kitchen: Know how much is enough

It is usually the kitchen and the bathrooms that are most scrutinized when a house is being considered for purchase. Therefore, they should be your first priorities when you look at the interior of your home before your prospective buyers arrive.

However, most experts agree that it's not always the most cost-effective decision to completely remodel your kitchen before selling. Sure, you may get part of it back, but it simply can't be guaranteed that you'll get a return on all of your investment.

Instead, there are some great little things that you can do as far as minor improvements and general sprucing up, which will provide a much greater impact on the speed and success of the sale of your home.

The Kitchen Sink

There are lots of little things that you can do to the kitchen sink that are quite inexpensive and easy, and which will make an enormous difference in the overall picture.

For one thing, you'll want to be certain that there aren't any leaks at all. Do a good job repairing leaks, to ensure that there won't be any unfortunate surprises while the prospective buyers are viewing your kitchen.

Also you will want to remove stains from the sink and surrounding area. Use a good quality cleaning product, and make the sink and its hardware simply shine and sparkle.

This is almost as effective as replacing it altogether.

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