Maintain Shutters

Shutters can be a charming touch to any home. When they're well maintained and in good shape, they can add a warm, comforting touch to brick, stone, or just about any other finish.

However, if they're not well maintained, and are in bad shape, they are one of the fastest ways to make your home appear to be neglected; especially to prospective buyers.

Fortunately, they don't take a lot of skill or time to repair if they're looking a little bit rough. When it comes to the majority of shutters, a quick sanding and one or two coats of exterior house paint can make your shutters look as good as if they were new.

Though it might take a little bit of extra time, it's wise to remove the shutters from the house before you start sanding and painting them. You can make an excellent work table out of an old plank or door set up on two sawhorses.

Clean the shutters of any dirt with a clean rag, then give them a light sanding. Wipe them again, to remove the dust from sanding. Now they're ready to be painted.

You can either spray paint them, or brush on the paint; either will give a nice end result. They will need either one or two coats, depending on your preference, and the appearance you want to attain. Make sure that they've been allowed to dry fully before you reattach them to your home.