Honed Limestone Counter Care

Honed limestone counter care is not just a matter of wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth. Despite its hardness, natural stone can be very unforgiving when it comes to stains and accumulation of grime. Keeping the surface safe from spills, especially of acidic substances, is important in the overall care because prevention is, as they say, better than cure. You need to keep up with your honed limestone counter care to ensure that it remains in tip top condition; for such an investment, good care is essential.

Honed Vs. Polished Limestone

Honed limestone differs from polished limestone in that it is more of a matte finish instead of the high sheen made possible with polishing. The polishing process ends right before the shiny surface is achieved and it is similar to buffing ones fingernails using the more coarse surfaces of the buffer but not finishing with the finest one. A softer, matte appearance results.

Once your counters are installed, you need to be vigilant about their care. Because limestone is susceptible to damage caused by acids, whether in vinegar, fruit juices or other acidic substances, it is important that you use only recommended cleaning agents for the purpose.

Cleaning Products

Your countertops will have been treated with a limestone impregnator that will assist to repel undesirable substances and not allow them to penetrate the stone. A neutral cleaning product is necessary; that is, not highly alkaline and certainly not acidic. There are specific products available for honed limestone counter care, and you must always follow the instructions.

Your honed counter care regime begins with a regular dusting to remove loose dirt, crumbs, dust and other matter. Using the recommended product, apply as instructed. Usually no rinsing will be required. Some products are available as sprays and others as wipes and it is up to yourself to decide which is most convenient.

There are products for regular maintenance and others for a more rigorous cleaning that you would undertake less frequently, perhaps every few weeks. These help to restore the finish and protect the surfaces from staining. Honed limestone counter care is about taking the time to keep your investment in excellent condition.

Other Considerations

Aside from cleaning, honed limestone care means never allowing damaging substances to come into contact with it. Spilling a few drops of wine can be a problem, unless you rectify it immediately. Sometimes, wiping can cause more damage by spreading the liquid, so blotting with an absorbent cloth is best advised.

If, over time, you feel your counters need some intensive care then you can buy products designed for restoration and not just maintenance. Honed limestone counter care may seem like a whole lot of work, and perhaps it is, but as the consumer, you need to weigh up the stunning appearance with the ongoing care required.

It is all very well to save your pennies to be able to afford luxury fixtures but keep in mind the long-term considerations concerning how you use your kitchen or bathroom, what you will need to avoid, how to keep the surfaces clean and stain-free, and what costs will be involved in restoration if and when you decide to undertake it. Still, also consider the grand appearance and the luxurious effect it will lend to your home and your decision may be much easier.

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