What is Honed Travertine

What is honed travertine? This is a very common question. Travertine is a natural stone tile that has a unique appearance when compared to other types of tile. Travertine has a very old look that can give a room an aura of warmth and softness that is not necessarily found in other styles of tile.

Porcelain, granite and marble all appear to be very hard, even harsh, but travertine does not emit this feeling. It does not produce any glare and has not gloss. The surface is usually rough and has an uneven texture. This feature makes it appear even more natural within the entire decorative workings of your home.

Honed travertine is a tile that is commonly used in kitchens, but that also functions quite well in a formal living space. Many people choose to use it throughout their home, as it works very well to help transition from one room to another and gives the house a sense of flow.

Distinctive Characteristics

What is honed travertine? It is a tile that has several distinct characteristics that set it apart from tile and granite. First, travertine is not available in the same color families as granite and marble. In fact, it is rather limited to a selection of brown, beiges and a few gold tints. Additionally, where granite and marble function very well as counter tops and backsplashes, travertine does not.

It is a very porous tile and it doesn’t take much to stain it. Even slightly acidic liquids like citrus juice or coffee can etch the surface and leave irreparable damage. Having said that, it is extremely important that you properly seal your travertine tile no matter where you install it. Because it is so porous, it is highly susceptible to stains and must be cared for properly if you want it to maintain its value.

What is honed travertine? It is a tile that will greatly enhance the appearance and feel of your home. If you are looking to build a home that will stand apart from all the others on the block, then travertine must find its way into your plans. This building material that is hot. It is finding its way into every major architectural magazine on a regular basis.

The bottom line answer to the question what is honed travertine? It is ideal for just about every room. With the exception of your kitchen counter, travertine can be sealed to be used in just about any room in your home. Can you imagine the soft, warm, and inviting look of travertine tile in the room where you house your hot tub?