Honeywell Humidifier

If you are looking to add humidity to the dry air in your home, you should consider the brand name of humidifiers. Consider a Honeywell humidifier. Honeywell humidifiers can be found in hundreds of homes and businesses all over the world. They are easy to find and aren’t overly expensive. In fact, a Honeywell Humidifier can be purchased in just about any retail store for as low as $40.00.

What they Do

A humidifier is an appliance which directs air straight from your heating or cooling system, through moisture filled pad where the air picks up moisture, and distributes it into the home. Honeywell humidifiers are guaranteed to meet American Lung Association Healthy House guidelines. They are equipped with a Patented PerfectFlo tray that distributes water quickly and evenly, and also come with a five-year warranty.

One thing about the Honeywell humidifier, as opposed to different brands, that consumers seem to like is that the Honeywell is an extremely simple machine to operate. It even has a great remote control to go along with it. There are only three modes to choose from after being turned on: low, medium, or high.

Extra Modes

The second mode available is a timer so that you can set the humidifier to run for a certain length of time then turn off on its own. The third mode has a humidistat built in and the purpose is to run the humidifier until the air reaches a certain percent of humidity, then the humidifier turns off.

When the humidity drops below this set percentage, the humidifier will automatically turn back on. Some Honeywell humidifier owners have complained about this feature because the humidistat takes its reading right where the air is coming out of the humidifier, making it inaccurate.

One of the main thing owners of the Honeywell humidifier mentioned in reviews was how they like the large water capacity, as compared to other humidifiers especially. They also mentioned liking the fact that the system is practically spill free. A humidifier also lets you live comfortably at a lower temperature, therefore saving you in electricity.

If you have air in your home that is too dry, it can dry your skin out, be uncomfortable to breath, and can damage wood products. It is especially to humidify your home in the winter. A Honeywell humidifier is the perfect way to keep your house at the right humidity level. With the Honeywell humidifier you can maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home.