Hoover Floormate

If you are looking for a floor vacuum that can do more than just pick up dirt, then you will want to consider the Hoover Floormate. The Hoover Floormate will not only vacuum, but it can also wash and dry your floors.

There are four models of the Hoover Floormate. These areas follows: The Hoover Floormate, The Hoover Floormate Supreme, The Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub, The Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub 500, and The Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub 800. The trademarked Hoover Floormate will vacuum, wash, and dry your floor. It includes Lysol and Old English floor cleaners as well.

Hoover Floormate: Floormax Supreme

The Hoover Floormax Supreme is like the Hoover Floormate with a twist. Not only will the Floormax Supreme clean and dry your floors, but it will also shampoo your carpets. Additionally, it will buff your floors to a glorious shine.

The Hoover Floormax comes with a one-year warranty and many accessories. Some of these accessories include: Brush and Pad sets, Buffing Pads, Pads for both Cleaning and Waxing, Shampoo brushes and floor, rug, and carpet shampoo.

The Hoover Floormate: Spin Scrub Model

The Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub models combine dry and wet features. They are perfect for vacuuming, cleaning, and drying hardwood floors. It contains many cleaning features as well as brushes. The Hoover Floormate Spin Scrub 500 model is a full size vacuum.

It has three settings, Dry Vac, Wash, and Wet Pickup. The Spin Scrub brushes are removable and will scrub your floors for you. No more bending down, and scrubbing Cinderella style, they will also buff your floors. The Hoover Floormate 500 Dual Tanks will pick up dirt and debris and keep it separate from the water that you are cleaning with.

These dual tanks work harmoniously to ensure even greater cleaning power. The Fingertip trigger will allow you to control where and how much cleaning solution you apply to those stubborn areas. The most popular and amazing benefit of The Hoover Floormate 500 is the ability to conveniently fold and store the vacuum.

The Hoover Floormate 800 is the upgraded version of the 500. It contains many of the same features yet has some additional accessories. These accessories include: a telescoping wand with swivel features, a handheld grout cleaning tool for cleaning in between tiles, and a special grout brush for use on tile floors.

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