Hot Tubs - Modern Luxury

Owning a hot tub is a luxurious option for todays homeowners. The first decision that needs to be made is whether to get a self-contained spa or hot tub, or whether to get one that is not self-contained.

A self-contained hot tub is portable and can be used where desired. If you wish to make it seem a bit more built in, you can build a deck partially around it. One advantage to a portable hot tub is that all the plumbing, filtering, heating, and electrical components are enclosed in the cabinet of the spa. A non-portable hot tub is usually built in as part of an inground pool area, and has its own advantages.

Test Drive It

Since buying a hot tub is likely to set you back several thousand dollars, as well as being a semi-permanent decision, it is wise to "wet test" several before buying them. A dealer in hot tubs and spas should give you the option of trying it out before buying it. Make sure you are getting what you want.

For instance, if you are likely to get the whole family or visitors into the hot tub with you, make sure you get one that is roomy. Also check to see that there is a seat at the right height for you to get covered to the shoulders. Do your homework and find out about the features of different brands and styles of spas before you choose your own hot tub.

To make your hot tub particularly enjoyable, you might want to have special lighting installed, or perhaps a stereo CD player. Scented additives are available for aromatherapy effects.

You will also need a cover. It is best to have one that locks in order to keep your hot tub safe from inquisitive children. You can even install an alarm system. Any outdoor pool is tempting to children and should be kept inaccessible to them when no adults are present to supervise.

Hot Tub Chemistry

A hot tub will require pool chemicals like a standard swimming pool. Since the water is hot, certain microbes are able to grow quickly that would be less of a problem in cooler water. Make sure you read and understand all instructions about maintaining the water cleanliness and quality in your hot tub.

Soaking in an indoor hot tub on a regular basis has been found to contribute to a respiratory condition that is being called "hot tub lung." Proper use of chemicals should minimize this risk, as will installing the hot tub outdoors where suitable.