Ways to Make Your House More Secure

With crimes like burglaries and home invasions on the rise across the nation, it is not surprising that home security is a major concern to everyone. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your house more secure so that if you live alone, travel, or even if you simply want to feel safer, things exist that you can do to accomplish this.

Windows and Doors

The first thing you should check before leaving on vacation or whenever the desire to make your house more secure spurs you to take action are that your doors and windows, all of them, lock securely. Loose or missing locks should be replaced and if you do not have one already, dead-bolt locks should be installed on both front and back doors.

One area many homeowners neglect to take into consideration when thinking about home security is the garage. Windows in garages should be shut and locked, and if you are going away on vacation, consider nailing plywood or panels made from manufactured wood products across them from the inside. If you plan on traveling frequently, you might want to consider attaching hinged panels with padlocks installed that can be opened and closed more easily.

Shrubs and Trees

Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed around windows that potentially provide cover for bad guys is another way to make your house more secure. If your house faces the street and is not too far away from it so that streetlight or your own home lighting provides adequate vision, you can keep plants blocking windows in the front. But you need to keep all plantings that obscure windows on the sides and the back of the house neatly trimmed and away from all openings to your home.

And speaking of lighting, outside lighting provides one of the best deterrents against home break-ins for the money spent. Not only do the lights provide beauty at night by highlighting plantings and architectural features of the home, they also make burglars think twice before selecting your home as a target.

But only install outdoor lighting for the front portion of your home. Lighting placed on the sides and at the back of your house does little to make your house more secure; it only makes it easier for criminals to see to get in! Since neither neighbors nor cars (including patrolling police) can see the back and sides of your home, do not light them to enable burglars to do their job better.

The Next Best Thing to an Alarm System

Of course home alarm systems make your house more secure with all the technology available today, but often at an alarming price. Many times, at a much lower cost than what you would pay for installing the alarm system, you can simply place a sign from an alarm company to get the same benefit.

Burglars see the sign, and unless they are willing to gamble on whether you actually have an alarm or not (statistics say most do not), they will pass on by your house and go the next place that does not have such a sign, and the possibility of a real alarm.

Dogs that bark; fences with spiked finials or pointed tops on the individual posts; lights, televisions, and radios with timers to turn them on and off at pre-set intervals all make your house more secure, as well. With a little diligence, smarts, and using some (if not all) these tips, there is a pretty good likelihood that your house will remain relatively safe and burglar-free.

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