How to Clean Tile

Tile can be a very useful substance for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Because of its ability to keep out water, and of course its attractive appearance, it is seen as a good material to use, although like most other materials in your house, it does require regular cleaning. Well, knowing how to clean tile is all very well, but knowing how to effectively clean tile is a different matter. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways you can improve your cleaning, to ensure cleaner tiling in your kitchen or bathroom.

Cleaning Your Tiles

Cleaning your tiles is a boring but necessary everyday task. Tile is the kind of material that shines when its clean. You can really notice the difference, so it is important to keep on top of your cleaning. To clean the tile surface, you are going to need some ordinary bathroom or kitchen cleaner, a cloth, rubber gloves (as a safety precaution) and a spare cloth to dry the tile and buff to finish.

To start off, spray kitchen or bathroom cleaner generously on the surface and cloth and begin to wipe the tiles. Using a circular motion is most effective, and try to make sure you cover the whole tile surface. Repeat this process across all your tiles/ Next, rinse your tiles by wetting the cloth in a basin of hot water, and begin to dry off with your second cloth, again in a circular motion. Continue drying until you can buff a shine out of those tiles! And that is how to clean tile. It really is not too difficult now, is it?

Now we are going to look at some of the finer points of how to clean tile, like how to clean the joints between tiles, and how to remove stubborn stains.

Some other tips

Tile can often appear its dirtiest in the sealed joints between the tiles. It is therefore, important to clean these areas regularly, and additionally, to reapply additional coats of grout fairly often. To clean, spray your bathroom cleaner and with a pointed finger direct the cloth into the crevice. This is better performed with short nails, so please bear this in mind.

It is then simply a case of scrubbing - the number one top how to clean tile tip! The more effort you put in, the quicker you can remove dirt from these areas and the cleaner they will eventually look. Another important tip to remember is how to remove the more stubborn stains from tile. If you have a stubborn stain, your number one recourse is bleach.

Opt for a mild bleach and leave the towel to soak in such. If this does not work, you may end up having to replace a tile, which can be very problematic. Try soaking the stain in your bleach solution, and ensure you wear gloves whilst doing so.

Cleaning tile is not largely a problem, but with some additional tips and how to clean tile techniques, you will be well on your way to seeing greater results and cleaner tiles in your home. Remember that tiles show dirt very well, so make sure you clean them regularly to avoid the embarrassment. If you clean your tiles daily, you will keep on top of the problem, and have shining tiles all year round.

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