How Do You Install Carpet?

Installing carpet is one of those annoying household tasks that demands precision and simple hard-work to give a professional finish. By the same token, it is also one of those tasks that we are often loathed to contract out, for the primary reason that we think we can do it ourselves. Well, in this article, we aim to teach you how do you install carpet, and show you everything you will need to make the task more straight forward and cost effective.

What you will Need

Before asking how do you install carpet, you should think to yourself: what do I need? Well, firstly, and fairly obviously you will need some carpet. Get yourself down to your local Do It Yourself Store or furniture store to have a look at the carpets they have on display.

Take care to consider styles and designs that relate to the overall decor of your room and house; otherwise you may find yourself splashing out to redecorate sooner than you need to. Additionally, you might like to order more material than you will physically require. This is handy in accounting for errors in measurements and errors in cutting the carpet, and so it is better to have too much than too little.

Next, you will need installation tools: you can get by with a measuring tape and a sharp blade knife. These can be obtained from any good DIY store or builders merchants for little cost. Make sure the knife is relatively thick and durable, and it is always a good idea to buy an extra blade just in case the existing blade happens to break. You will also need a carpet kicker, which can be hired from a tool hire shop. This will enable you to fit the carpet flush against the baseboards for a tighter, professional finish.

Fitting the Carpet

how do you install carpetSo how do you install a carpet? Well, it is easy. Firstly, measure up your room and draw a sketch of the shape, marking all necessary dimensions.

Next, measure the carpet and mark on the reverse in marker pen exactly where you ant to cut. Again, measure slightly larger than you require because too much is better than not enough. When you are satisfied that you have you carpet correctly measured, you may like to cut it to size using the knife.

Now it is time to think of fitting the tack strips, or necessary underlay, although instructions for this should be provided by the manufacturer.

Lay the carpet within your room, pressing down around the relevant corners to leave the excess. You will find that even when you have cut the excess away, and your carpet appears to be flush against the baseboard, that there will be still be a lot of give in the centre.

This is where the carpet kicker comes in. Use the kicker to forcefully stretch the carpet into the baseboard. Do not worry, this will not damage the carpet, but it will give you a tight and professional finish, without costing the earth.

When it comes down to it, installing a carpet is not an impossible task. Although there are many professionals out there willing to help you, you can just as easily perform the task yourself, saving you money and giving you a sense of self-satisfaction. How do you install a carpet? It is easy, when you know exactly how.

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