How to Clean Black Mold on Ceilings

Black mold can be a big problem and especially so in bathrooms where there is a lot of water, moisture and dampness due to leaving windows and doors shut and damp towels in the room.

Black mold is seen as black spots ranging in size and is usually in clusters which then spread out and if left to their own devices will eventually take up the whole ceiling. While you can clean and get rid of black mold on ceilings or anywhere for that matter it will continue to come back unless the source of the mold is eradicated altogether.

It is essential to not only clean black mold as soon as it appears but to also remove the source because some black mold has spores that can cause serious effects on your health.

If black mold appears on your bathroom ceiling then the source will be damp conditions so this is not hard to remedy, just make sure you install an extractor fan in the wall of the bathroom and open the window a little to let out steam after bathing.

What Products Effectively Clean Black Mold

When it comes to cleaning the black mold from the ceiling you have to make sure that the product you are using will be strong enough to remove it, the majority of products which are considered to be “green” are not.

You have to be sure that you are not just cleaning away the topical surface of the black mold, for example regular bleach will remove it but will not thoroughly remove it.

There are specialist products you can buy which are specifically targeted to black mold and using one of these is the only way to totally clean black mold. What these products do are clean and remove the black mold and also create a barrier between you and the problem, this is possible by a process called encapsulation. In short this means that the mold will suffocate because they cannot find a food source so the mold cannot grow and spread and so will die away.

The Process

The first step to getting rid of the black mold is to over the entire ceiling with very strong bleach with a solution of one cup to a gallon.

Following this initial cleaning you can then go over the ceiling with a proprietary brand of black mold remover this will ensure that any spores which have not been removed by the bleach will then be encapsulated and this will stop it from growing and feeding and therefore get rid of it completely.

Once this process has been followed and there are no more signs of black mold reappearing you can then go about re-painting your ceiling.

Some paints do have mold prevention in them so when choosing a brand of paint go for one of these, along with this as mentioned before the installation of fans to extract the steam from the bathroom and opening windows to allow fresh air into the room are all good tips for preventing the reappearance of black mold. Along with this making sure there are no damp towels left in the bathroom and removing steam from mirrors are all excellent ways of ensuring you are not inviting black mold back into your home.

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