How to Install Outdoor Tile

Having outdoor tiling can add to your home’s exterior and create lovely places to gather as a family. One of the most popular places to install outdoor tile is on a patio area. Saltillo tiles are ideal for adding your personal touch to your home’s exterior.

Select an Area to Tile

The first step is to choose the area outside that you want to place the tile. Perhaps you want to create a new patio area or even a new walkway to the front entrance? Select the area that you want to place the Saltillo tiles and measure it. Write down all the measurements to take with you to the local store.

Choosing Your Quantities

With the measurements in hand, visit your local store for purchasing the tile. You will want to purchase the entire tile at once and preferably from the same box. Slight variations can happen in tile when it is cut at the manufacturer and pieces from different boxes do not always perfectly match up with one another.

It is ideal to purchase a few extra pieces of tiling so that you can make mistakes or not use a piece that does not match well. The store clerk should be able to help you determine how much tiling you will need for the project.

Select a Color

You will want to go through the different colors and patterns to determine which one will look best for your project. Often you will stick with solid colors or perhaps a decorative tile for the outside edges of the project.

Shop Around

You will want to shop around and determine which store is going to match your color choices and give you the best deal for your quantity of tile that you will need for the project. Once you find the best buying option, purchase your tile.


You do not want a walkway or patio that is bumpy and uneven. In addition, the tile will not seal right when you grout it. You will need to remove all debris, plants, shrubs and other objects in the project area.

Using a rake and hoe, level the ground. Fill in low areas and dig out high areas to obtain a flat working area.

Moisture Barrier

The next step is to lay down a moisture barrier of some sort on the ground. This will prevent mold and mildew from becoming a problem and decrease weed growth under the finished outdoor tiles.

Set Down the Outdoor Tile

You will want to set down the entire outdoor tile set over the moisture barrier. Make sure that the tile are closely fitted together.


Grout the entire project to seal and protect the tile. As you are grouting use a sponge or rag with clear water to remove grout haze film. You can also wait and spray the tile off with a garden water hose. Wipe dry and repeat a few times. Any areas that are stubborn you can clean with good old elbow grease.


The final step of your outdoor tile project is to add some small bushes, perennials or herbs along the outside borders of your new tile area. This will add a touch of class to your project.