How to Lay Concrete Tiles

Laying concrete tile is a wonderful way to decorate your patio or your driveway. It is very durable and it makes the landscaping of your home more appealing. Many homeowners find concrete tile increases the value of their home.

You can find it in so many designs and colors that you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for. Learning how to lay concrete title can help ensure you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

Getting Ready

No matter how good the quality of the concrete tile is that you purchase, it isn’t going to look very good if you don’t take care of the concrete you are going to place it on top of first. Spend your time cleaning it with a professional strength cleaner that removes dirt, oil, and other types of debris.

Make sure you scrub each part of the concrete by hand and rinse it thoroughly. You need to let the concrete dry after this process before you attempt to adhere tile to it.

The concrete needs to be level or the tile isn’t going to look uniform. After it has completely dried from the cleaning you need to carefully inspect it by hand.

If you can feel pits and holes in the concrete, you will want to fill them. After the repairs have been allowed to dry you want to take a level to the area and make sure it is in fact level. If not you need to keep on working until it is.

It is a good idea to add a good sealant to the concrete once you have it level. Many people think this is a waste of money because the concrete will be covered up. However, this sealant will help ensure moisture doesn’t build up between the tiles and the concrete. If that does happen you will have to redo the project again much sooner than you really should have to.

Purchasing your Tiles

It is important to buy good quality tiles so that they will look nice and stay in place on the concrete. Carefully measure the amount of room you plan to cover in tile. This will help you decide how much of each color you need if you are planning to have a design in place.

It is a good idea to lay each tile in place as a practice run to make sure you like the overall look before you start attaching them to the concrete.

Installing the Tiles

You will need plenty of mortar to properly install your concrete tile. The type of mortar you will need depends on the composition of the tile, ask your saleperson or read the manufacturer's installation instructions for full details. Place a thin layer on the back of several tiles as well as the location on the concrete where you will be placing them. Most mortars dry quickly so you only want to work in one small area at a time.

Try to remove any mortar that gets on the face of the tiles as you do. It will be much harder to remove if you let it dry and then try to remove it.

After the tiles have all bee in place for a few days you can add the grout. Choose a color that will be a good match for the design of tiles you have selected. Make sure you use the sealer again after the grout has dried and you have wiped down all of the tiles with a clean rag.

You can completely transform the look of any outdoor area with the installation of concrete tile. This is a very simple do it yourself project that you will be very proud of.

It is important to take your time to prepare the concrete properly or the project won’t turn out as you had planned. You can expect your concrete tile job to stay in tact for several years if you have carefully followed all of the instructions.