How to Make Formica Countertops

You will find there are plenty of materials available that you can use for your countertops. One of the most affordable is formica and you will be glad to know that it is easy to install. It is also available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Some of them are solids and others offer colorful types of artwork. Formica is placed on top of the countertops you already have instead of completely replacing them. Once you have the basics of how to make formica countertops you will be ready to start the process.

Getting the Surface Ready

Before you can make formica countertops you will have to do some preparation work. You want to take your time to wash the counters down properly. If there is any type of paint or varnish on the countertop you will want to remove it. Make sure you take the time to sand down the surface so that it will be flat. This way your formica will stay in place and look lovely when you are done.

Buying the Materials

Most formica for countertops is sold in wide sheets so you will need to measure your counter space in order to determine how much you need. Remember that you will have to cut it along the edges for it to fit properly so you should buy a little bit more than you need. Since formica isn’t very expensive you shouldn’t have to worry about spending money for a little bit extra just to make sure you have what you need.

In order to cut formica properly you will need to use a tool that is strong enough to go through it. A sharp utility knife will usually do the trick just fine but many people find it faster to make the cuts with a saw. You always want your cuts to be on the backside of the formica instead of the side that will be viewed on the countertop.

Look for formica molding that you can place along the edges of the countertops. This will be much more appealing than trying to cut the pieces on your own. You will also find it makes the job much faster to complete. You might find that you need to use a router to finish up the edges once you have them in place.

Applying the Formica Countertops

You will also need to apply a quality contact cement or epoxy glue in order to hold the formica countertops in place. You need to apply a layer of it that is thin but that covers the entire area. Otherwise you may end up with parts of the countertops not sticking securely in place as they should.

The cement or epoxy will dry quickly so make sure you have the piece ready to put into place. You want to align it perfectly because it will be hard to get off should you have to re-align it.

Use a paint roller or other similar item to go over the formica countertops. This will help them to bond with the cement or epoxy without any air bubbles forming between them. It is a good idea to place something heavy such as books on top of the formica countertops for a couple of hours to help ensure everything is secured correctly.

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