How to Make Kitchen Cabinets

Creating new kitchen cabinets in your existing home or in a new home is an excellent way to save money. At first the job can seem a little overwhelming. But with a little bit of patience and skill you can make gorgeous kitchen cabinets for your home.

Not only will your kitchen look better but you will be proud of your work. Kitchen cabinets are big part of the kitchen and are enjoyed for the life of the home.

Selecting a Wood

The first step for how to make kitchen cabinets is to select the wood that you want the cabinets made from. There are many different woods and they come in varying prices. If your budget is not restricted, you can choose any wood that you want.

Keep in mind what the theme for your home and your kitchen will be. You can select pine, walnut, cherry, oak or whatever wood will blend best in your home.


Next you will need to measure the area that will hold the kitchen cabinets. Make sure to allow for the depth of the cabinets. You will want the width or depth measurement, height measurement and length of the area measurement.

Build the Frame

After you have purchased the wood, you will want to cut the frame for your kitchen cabinets. Using quality wood screws, you screw the frame together. This will be a box frame that you will later install.

Add Shelf Supports

Now you have a box frame, you need to add shelf support rods. These will be at the bottom of the frame and in the middle of the fame. Put in enough supports so that you can have one, two or three shelves.


From the wood cut a piece that is the backing for the kitchen cabinets. It is easiest to mount this directly on your wall. Make sure to attach it on the studs for the best support.


Cut the right amount of wood to fit the end pieces of your kitchen cabinets. You can secure at the sides, top and bottom to make it have the neatest appearance.


With the kitchen cabinets you have two options for doors. You can buy pre-cut doors or you can create your own. Typically it is easier to purchase pre-cut doors so that you do not have to bevel or make additional cuts in the wood to have nice looking ones on the kitchen cabinets.

Hardware Handles

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets will not come with the handles on the doors. You can select from a variety of cabinet hardware when you purchase the doors and wood. These should easily screw into the front of the doors.

If you are left handed this a great chance to have kitchen cabinets that are specifically tailored to you.


Now you will need to mount the kitchen cabinets since they are complete except the backing. You mount them on the wall next to the backing and make certain that they are extremely secure. You can paint, stain or leave the natural wood for your new kitchen cabinets.