How to Select a Cat Urine Remover

Many pet owners enjoy the company of cats. They may have many qualities to recommend them but like all creatures, they urinate. Cats will sometime urinate out of the box, so to speak. At times they do this to mark their territory. And our feline friend's urine is remarkably unpleasant. At some time or another, every cat owner will need to find out how to select a cat urine remover.

Considerations for Product Selection

Any good cat urine removal should satisfy certain requirements to be considered for use. With so many products on the market, these criteria can be used as a handy tool to narrow down the field of candidates.

First beware of a urine remover that works by employing a fragrance as the main method of solving the problem. These products are in the category of “maskers”, not “removers”.

This will not solve the problem; when the fragrance fades away, the overwhelming urine odor will be back with a vengeance. (Insert silly joke about nine lives here)

The product should not be overly complex. To be effective, the removal product need not be a twelve step program. If it has too many steps, it will waste your time. Who has that much free time these days?

Removal of Uric Salt Crystals

This is the litmus test of any high quality cat urine remover. The uric salt crystals are the urine's component that's the most problematic to remove. Be sure that the product clearly states and guarantees that it will remove them. If not, don't waste your time on the product.

Of course the product should remove the odor completely and it does this by removing the uric salt crystals AND all the other component of the urine. Any odor left behind is simply an open invitation to your cat to return to the scene of the crime and do it all over again. Remove all temptation!

Manufacturer History and Reputation

The manufacturer of the urine removal product should be well established and should enjoy a high level of consumer satisfaction. Do you recognize the manufacturer's name? Have you used any of their other pet or cleaning products in the past and come away satisfied?

Make inquiries of other cat owners and your veterinarian about the product. Solicit their opinions. Be aware though, if your vet is marketing the product, she has a vested interest in selling it to you. Ask for her personal guarantee that the product is effective, not just the manufacturer's guarantee.

While these testimonials are a good source of confidence in a product's effectiveness, do an on line search on the product. This will often unearth good, as well as bad, reports on customer satisfaction. The Internet is a great tool and time saver with any kind of shopping and this is no exception.

Toxicity of the Urine Remover

Do you know what the ingredients are? There are times when not just one ingredient but a combination or two or more ingredients make a product toxic or unsafe to use. The literature and advertisement for the product should clearly state that it is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. If you have any doubts, ask for an MSDS for the product. The manufacturer should be glad to provide it.

Even if the product is non-toxic, it should be kept in a secure location. This is especially true if you have young children about the home.

Use this a a checklist when shopping for a cat urine remover and you will find a great product in the midst of marketing confusion and hype!