Humming Bird Feeders

Hummingbird and FeederGardeners and birders alike have long adored humming birds. They are treasured for their delicate form and small stature. Often many people love to attract these little beauties to their backyard gardens for enjoyment and pleasure.

The simplest way to attract Humming birds is with a Humming bird feeder. Humming birds prefer Nectar to typical birdfeed. However, due to the pure sweetness of Humming bird nectar, your Humming bird feeder may not only attract Humming birds but also unwanted insects.

Taking care of your Humming Bird Feeder

You need to clean your Humming bird feeder every couple of days. This is the best way to prevent any bacteria growth and keep down insects. You will do more harm than good by just simply neglecting your Humming bird feeder, and can cause potential damage to these little feathered creatures.

In avergae temperature climates, like 60-85 degrees F. (15-30 degrees C.) a hummong bird nectar mixture of sugar and water will last about 3 days before going bad; less at higher temperatures, slightly longer at cooler temperatures.

The worst thing that can happen to your Humming bird feeder is for it to grow mold. The simplest way to prevent your Humming bird feeder from growing mold is to consistently rinse out the feeder with hot water after each Nectar change. This will prevent the growth of mold. However, you should never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your Humming bird feeder.

Humming Bird Feeders and the Color Red

You may already know that Humming birds are attracted to the color red. However, it is not recommended that you add red food coloring to their nectar. You can however make sure that the Humming bird feeder has plenty of red to attract your fine-feathered friends.

The Humming bird feeder that you purchase may already have enough red on it to successfully attract plenty of Humming birds to your garden, but if you feel that your Humming bird feeder may need an extra touch of red, you can tie a red ribbon around the top of the feeder. This is a sure fire way to attract plenty more birds and get the most use out of your Humming bird feeder.

Make sure that when you place your Humming bird feeder, that you keep it in an area where plenty of Humming bird attracting flowers are growing, and keep it high enough that cats and other natural predators won't be likely to have access to your feeding Hummers.

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Photo by BETTY /creativeCommons