Hunter Sprinklers Combine Convenience, Quality

As lawns get bigger and homeowners take pride in their expanses of green, a good sprinkler system becomes more and more of a necessity. Hunter sprinklers are at the top of the heap and the company doesn't plan leave that spot anytime soon.

Hunter sprinklers offers many products for both homeowners and those landscaping larger areas like golf courses and parks. For homeowners, many product options abound.

Rotary Sprinklers

Hunter sprinklers include a variety of rotary sprinklers and the company's innovative features generally set a benchmark for other companies. Hunter's rotary sprinklers are designed for spacing 15 to 90 feet apart.

At, a variety of uses for rotary sprinklers are outlined, such as high vandalism areas, low pressure areas, ground cover or shrubs, and with various spacings. Specific rotors are recommended for the specific use in mind.

Spray Sprinklers

If spray sprinklers are your intent, you can also discover the best type for your use at For residential uses, the Hunter sprinkler company recommends any of its spray sprinklers, including its Pro Spray sprinkler, which has heavy-duty ABS construction and extra thick body and cap.


Valves are the core of any irrigation system, and Hunter sprinklers has designed a line of valves to handle just about any issue from low and high flow valves to low pressure and high pressure valves. Again, at the Hunter sprinkler website, information is provided so homeowners can choose the right valve for their needs.


Once your sprinkler system is installed, it's imperative that the right controller is installed to make the job easy and worry free. The Hunter sprinkler residential line of controllers includes features like 365-day calendar clock, which allows programming for watering restrictions, and a rain bypass sensor. Controllers come ready for installation of a remote (also available from Hunter sprinklers).


Don't overlook a rain sensor when installing your new Hunter sprinkler system. A sensor is essential so the sprinklers aren't running while it's raining out. It's not only foolhardy, but a waste of resources. Hunter sprinklers also offers wind, freeze, and flow sensors.

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