Husky Air Compressor

When you choose a Husky air compressor, you pick from 10 different models currently manufactured exclusively for Home Depot. These models range from their smallest unit, a handheld, 12-Volt Inflator that comes with a light, to the big, 80-gallon Pro Husky air compressor that features 175-PSI maximum air pressure.

The Husky air compressor, manufactured by Campbell Hausfeld, gives you the capability to utilize all kinds of tools: spray guns, air-powered sanders, grinders, wrenches, hammers, and many more. And when you get down to the business of actually purchasing a Husky air compressor, it pays to take a little time determine the right one for your needs.

Air Compressor Selection

The Husky air compressor comes in both horizontal and vertical models. Vertical models are generally larger, but they take up less storage space. They are also meant to stay in one place and, with the exception of the 26-gallon vertical model, do not have wheels or handles with which to move them around easily. The horizontal models, on the other hand, offer portability and can be moved around easier.

The difference lies mainly in the amount of power delivered to your air tools. A vertical Husky air compressor, the 80-gallon model, for example, delivers 72.2/25.1 SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) of compreesed air at 40/90 PSI (per square inch). The horizontal, 8-gallon Husky air compressor, on the other hand, delivers a much more modest 0/2.6 SCFM at 40/90 PSI.

When thinking about buying a Husky air compressor, most people agree it is better to get a larger-capacity compressor than a smaller one. Frequency of use along with what kind of tools you will be using should be the determining factors, however. If you already know you will be using it infrequently and with smaller, household-type air tools, going with a smaller Husky air compressor makes much more sense.

You can find the Husky air compressor at HomeDepot, or, for other air compressors made by Campbell Hausfeld, go to You are sure to find whatever you need in the way of the perfect Husky air compressor or other air compressors made by Campbell Hausfeld at these two online retailers. Just remember to take your time and get the Husky air compressor that is right for you.